Meet your Provider
Nicole Garcia, M.D.is a board certified family physician who has been practicing in Orange County for over 12 years. She has advanced training in hormone therapy and nutritional supplements, and is also board certified through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

At Doctors of California Integrative Wellness, we strive to evaluate each patient's health and nutritional needs, and offer a unique program to restore health and balance. By offering education on diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and hormone replacement, our goal is to interest patients in obtaining optimal health.
What do we do
Your first visit includes a comprehensive 45 minute evaluation going over your medical history, medications, prior lab tests and any current conditions and symptoms. We obtain as much information as possible in advance based on the medical questionnaire filled out here.
Our vision is to provide an exceptional service to our clients and bring an approach of wellness and disease prevention into each and everyone we serve. We want to be your partner in wellness and help you create optimal health in your life!
Why are we Different
We are different because instead of diagnosing diseases and prescribing medications to suppress symptoms, we evaluate the reason that the patient has the symptoms and/or illness, and attempt to restore the body back into balance in a natural, drug free manner.